Revisiting Relationships


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Everything in life is about Relationships – with the self, with others and with the planet. But it’s our relationships with each other that often give us the greatest heartaches, joys and growth. Relationships are the very core and essence of our being alive, of our being human. Relationships help us understand our individual journey and soul growth. I believe that every person we meet and strike a relationship with in this lifetime is a soul connection from a previous lifetime. Always, there are connections that need unraveling, experience, celebration, payback, fruition and even closure.

This book is part of the LIVING AWAKE Series that invites us to look at life fully aware to be able to truly appreciate it.

Author: Jeannie E. Javelosa
Writer-Visual Artist, Museum Curator, Yoga Teacher,
Social Entrepreneur and Advocate for the Green Sustainable Lifestyle

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