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VCO After Bath Serum 100ml

VCO After Bath Serum 100ml

PHP 500.00

Guaranteed all-natural, all-good body oil made from the purest and rawest certified organic, cold-processed VCO. Virgin coconut oil is jam-packed with high levels of nutrients, MCT fatty acids, lauric acid and vitamin E that are highly beneficial for your skin. It is very effective that actual results can be experienced overnight.

Use this after-bath serum to deeply nourish your body and achieve that moisturized, flawless, radiant skin the gentlest and most natural way. Apply it on your face, lips, underarms, knees, elbows and pretty much all over your body and experience that baby-smooth skin this serum’s avid users are already enjoying. Use this as makeup remover, massage oil and night moisturizer and be confident in the fact that you’re doing your skin good.

Raw Beauty’s after-bath serum is a mixture of VCO and a special blend of essential oils that help calm the senses and leaves your skin smelling wonderful. Apply it at night before going to bed and experience silky-smooth, glowing skin all over.

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