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ECHOcafe Culture Community Coffee

ECHOcafe advocates the concept of sustainable food: healthier meals that have fresh ingredients that are either organically grown or do not contain chemicals, artificial preservatives, pesticides or growth hormones.

ECHOcafe also gives importance to the environmental aspect of food, the Slow Food movement that supports heritage and traditional farming, as well as locavorism - suggesting all to eat locally produced food which ensures that food products support earth-friendly initiatives and help sustain local farmers.

ECHOcafe has a menu inspired by the products and ingredients sold at the Store and Market that includes healthy food for breakfast and snacks, pasta, dishes, desserts, local coffee, tea and cold fruit shakes.

Please call our stores to order in advance:
ECHOcafe Serendra – 901 3485
ECHOcafe Salcedo (Makati) – 869 1516