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OUR COFFEES- Peace and Coffee

We proudly source our coffees from small communities around the country through the assistance of the Philippine Coffee Board Inc. (PCBI) and the International Women’s Coffee Alliance-Philippine chapter (IWCA). We work closely with farmers on the best way to harvest coffee, and we painstakingly go to each producer to get only the best beans.

Our WOMEN IN COFFEE brand is part of the IWCA-WEConnect International-ITC program which is supplied to multinational companies and is sold exclusively in ECHOstore. Our Peace and Coffee Blend product is sourced from our partner community in Panamao, Sulu. These washed Robusta coffee and occasionally, small batches of Peaberry , too are roasted in small batches and are processed in the same facility where we protect the special hand-sorted civet coffees.

Coffee is sold in whole beans to lock in its flavor before it gets to your coffee maker. You may request for ground coffee as long as you specify the coffeemaker it will be used in.