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OUR HOME BASICS line is made with no harmful chemicals and is developed with your needs in mind. To find products which are natural, eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic. We have also developed new scents, mostly peppermint, grapefruit and basil which are light and refreshing as demanded by today’s discriminating market.
The most popular product in our HOME LINE is the Fruit and Veggie wash. ECHOstore is the pioneer sustainable lifestyle place catering to a select market that looks for organic, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)-based cosmetics and home cleaning products.
ECHOstore sustainable lifestyle is based in Serendra, Taguig City, Philippines and has stores in Quezon City, Podium in Mandaluyong, soon in Davao City and is also available in select specialty merchants.
You may also find our Body Basics products which are safe to use especially for the allergy-prone or for sensitive skin conditions. Try the soap in different scents, too.